CAT – geometric wall decor CAT that will perfectly match your interior!

This decor is made from 2mm steel plate by laser cutting.

Complete set of screws and distance sleeves attached – they make this decor look three-dimensional.


height 61 cm; width 40 cm

Color: matt black – fine structure

Are you a cat lover and can’t imagine your life without your furry friend? We have something for you! 🙂 Original steel GEOMETRIC CAT designed by our team.

Size after mounting on the wall: height 61 cm, width 40 cm. 

Complete set of mounting screws with distance sleeves attached. Thanks to that, decor looks three-dimensional.

Decor manufactured from steel plate 2 mm thick, formed by laser cutting.

CAT is painted using powder painting technique, thus perfect and homogeneous surface colour is guaranteed!

Color: matt black – fine structure.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 61 × 61 × 6 cm
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